Founded in 1990, Total Tree Care is about more than pruning, removing, and disposing of nuisance trees. We carefully assess the needs of the individual and the landscape and come up with the best possible solution for all involved. We believe that by providing unique solutions to tree care, we can provide clients with safe, well maintained landscapes that are not only attractive but will remain so for years to come.

The health and safety of individual trees is our top priority and we have dedicated our practice to dealing with issues such as disease, uncontrolled growth and broken branches. Our accredited arborists diagnose problems, and not only ensure that your trees are kept in excellent condition, but also revitalize them with desirable future growth. By pruning trees and shrubs, we enhance their overall growth patterns and extend their life,all while maintaining their beauty. We are driven forward by our mission of providing environmental stability and sensibility and we service the Hamilton area with the care and diligence that our beautiful landscape requires.

Having practiced our profession for over 26 years, we recognize the importance of safety and understand that not all risks involving trees are easy to discern. Inspections are vital, and our qualified professionals can analyze a tree’s risk factors starting from the soil and moving throughout the root system.When you are unsure regarding the safety of your trees and the nature of risks that they posses, Total Tree Care can recommend the best course of action, and guarantee flawless execution. We prioritize safety, without sacrificing beauty and value. Cleaning, thinning or removing, Total Tree Care is one of the few, full-service Hamilton tree care companies that thrives on satisfying customers’ concerns with ecologically friendly techniques.